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Ambigram of my name. Click on the image for more! 

Shyam Wuppuluri is an independent researcher working in the domain of foundations of sciences and philosophy. He has long standing interests in philosophy, interdisciplinary approaches in sciences, humanities and deep ecology. He is an elected fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is a recipient of Honra ao Merito from the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy (Academia Brasileira de Filosofia). Bringing together the world's foremost scientists and thought leaders, he has published numerous interdisciplinary volumes — with a goal of laying holistic bridges between "conceptual islands" that lie far away from one another. 

However, his pursuit of knowledge had taken a strange turn last year, when he lived in Einstein's own house tucked into the Caputh forest, as an Albert-Einstein fellow. In the silence of the forest, asking himself "What would we do with all our knowledge about black holes and galaxies, if we don't have our rivers and soil?" — he understood that one can't survive on eating the thick textbooks and treatises published about the universe. His current work thereby is a continuation of a fundamental vow he then made to himself: to not bear the slightest pretense to inquire about those aspects in sciences and philosophy, that one doesn’t otherwise inquire in the depths of the heart and to keep one’s mind and heart together while doing science. 

e-mail: shyam.wuppuluri "at" Gmail server

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