My Artwork


“Be a heaven-sent rain when there’s drought, be the person who brings warmth and care in the dead of winter” — Master Sheng Yen.


Artwork done on Japanese Kozo paper, Sumi-e paint brush. With the calligraphy corresponding to Chinese version of the quote above.



for a bird

  that lives and sings

      joyfully in the moment 

           whole universe surrenders!

Artwork corresponding to my poem, done on Japanese Kozo paper, Sumi-e paint brush.



      In those days when we used to send SMS on black/yellow screen phones, each word we write costs us! We used to be so mindful of what we say in order to save money. With unlimited messaging services, this habit is lost!

       We all should therefore be mindful of what we say. Each word is a breeze that might either push someone towards the truth or away from it forever. Irreversibly. Though we aren’t influencers or celebrities, each gesture of us, from our walking style to talking style, from our smile to pout, is constantly sending out a regularity into the cosmic narrative that stays on forever, subconsciously influencing other people around us. We are embedded in a rich sea of non-verbal and verbal check-points that quickly orient us towards it.

Words in this sense are no different from worlds!


My artwork, on Japanese Kozo Paper.