My Artwork


    “Be a heaven-sent rain when there’s drought, be the person who brings warmth and care in the dead of winter” — Master Sheng Yen.


Artwork done on Japanese Kozo paper, Sumi-e paint brush. With the calligraphy corresponding to the Chinese version of the quote above.

 The hardest and most courageous of acts isn’t to be unique, but to remain utterly common in the most humdrum places of reality, peacefully, without the need to be special. Such a human, like the unnamed star in the night-sky, continues to leave the trail of joy and happiness behind in the hearts of all those who look. 


My artwork, on Japanese Kozo Paper.


  Heart Sutra is one of the most important sutras of Buddhism. It contains the ultimate pronouncement on the nature of interdependence. Because things are interdependent, nothing is lost, and nothing is gained. Looking deeply into a flower with such insight, we can see the plant, gardener, soil, sun and the whole cosmos~ 

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Heart Sutra calligraphy in Chinese with my name seal. Inspired by two profound zen masters, Thich Nhat Hanh and Sheng Yen~ 

for a bird

  that lives and sings

      joyfully in the moment 

           whole universe surrenders!

Artwork corresponding to my poem, done on Japanese Kozo paper, Sumi-e paint brush.