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Art & Poetry 


 The hardest and most courageous of acts isn’t to be unique, but to remain utterly common in the most humdrum places of reality, peacefully, without the need to be special. Such a human, like the unnamed star in the night-sky, continues to leave the trail of joy and happiness behind in the hearts of all those who look. 


My artwork, on Japanese Kozo Paper.

    “Be a heaven-sent rain when there’s drought, be the person who brings warmth and care in the dead of winter” — Master Sheng Yen.


Artwork done on Japanese Kozo paper, Sumi-e paint brush. With the calligraphy corresponding to the Chinese version of the quote above.


  Heart Sutra is one of the most important sutras of Buddhism. It contains the ultimate pronouncement on the nature of interdependence. Because things are interdependent, nothing is lost, and nothing is gained. Looking deeply into a flower with such insight, we can see the plant, gardener, soil, sun and the whole cosmos~ 

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Heart Sutra calligraphy in Chinese with my name seal. Inspired by two profound zen masters, Thich Nhat Hanh and Sheng Yen~ 

Inspired by the calligraphy of Zen Master, Thích Nhất Hạnh. 

Read slowly with a cup of tea~


Dwelling in the common places of existence,
I weave my life with the warp and weft of happiness and sadness~

“So much talk about zen, what miracle can you perform?” you ask.

“None. But when I sweep the fallen leaves,

sometimes I see the magnolia flowers on the side, bloom” I reply~~

~ koi pond

gulping a mouthful of cosmos,

koi returned to the pond,

no one around but a mountain moon,

— an eternal witness to a thousand kisses ~



fragrance of my tea leaves didn’t fade yet,

radiance of the sun above didn’t wane yet,

when the whole existence opens upto me —

what more does this world owe me? ~~


Sleeping sky 

as the boats carried loads of sunshine home,

as the birds carried crumbs of clouds to their nest,

a cup of tea and me sit in solitude:

to praise the glory of heavens with lyricless silence ~

i sing and sing but with a soft voice,

to not let the sleeping sky awaken ~~

Groundless Ground

afraid of falling,

the monkey mind

grabs hold of one object

after the other

but what are you afraid of?

oh freely falling one!

when there’s no ground beneath;

that you’ll ever crash into!

cup of water

looking deeply

into my two hands


a cup of water tenderly

i see

two bits of cosmos


a tiny piece of lake’s cake

reverence fills

my entire being~



All that which lies

beyond the land of

symbols and dualities

is pure and untainted

a rotten apple,

just as the way it is,

rots in the purest possible manner

and a flower,

just as the way it is,

blossoms in the purest possible manner ~~



when the sunshine fades away

in the evening,

and as the earth cools down:

don’t forget to

feed your vibrant smile

to those sunflowers

which slept during the day ~~


with a burning log in hand

and a heap of wooden sticks

i went around

looking for a better fire

place after place

had i known the nature of fire

i could have cooked my rice much sooner ~~


rolling up the blinds,

i welcome the night knocking on the window slides,

i reach out to make a snowball out of the white

little did I know that it was the moon’s mighty light ~~



bleak peak — no one in sight

under the snow, everything looks right ~

where is hate and where is fight?

when one is sheltered in loves’ delight!


Soulful solitude


mosquito calmly sitting on my blanket ~

the night sky above,

vast cosmos around —

solitary companions to my soulful solitude

tears of my tea

the tea cup

sits on my desk

as i busily skim through

the torrent of emails

every now and then

i attend to my cup

take a quick sip

and get back to my work

the tea tasted bitter

i wondered why —

till i noticed

that the bitterness


from the tears of tea


my tea felt deserted ~

like a caterpillar

that got transformed

into a beautiful


my tea went through

the whole of eternity

touching all of the cosmos

transforming itself

in multitude of ways

before reaching me

the water for my tea

came from the cloud —

straight up:

raining its way

into the river

and then into my cup

the tea leaves —

from the seed

nurtured carefully;

watered and raised

by loving farmers

and harvested by mothers —

into the lovely baskets

which they carry on their back

journeying through sloppy hills ~~

my tea felt ignored;

the child of cosmos felt deserted

it cried —

the tears of my tea

are bitter

i regret and

look into my tea

and lift it into my hands

like a mother

attending to her

crying baby

i apologise

through my mindfulness

i drink it reverently

tickling its belly

with my mouth

like we do for a small baby

as my tea begins to smile

it tastes like elixir;

smiling tea can bring joy

to me and entirety of cosmos

how can i attend to

my loved ones —

when i can’t attend

to my crying tea cup?

the tears of my tea are bitter

the smile of the tea is elixir;

within the cup of my tea lies

sunshine, moonshine and lakes

and the entirety of cosmos

voila — the entirety of existence!

present in my able hands;

is there a greater miracle than this?

Sun and the Moon


the sun and the moon

that witnessed

Christ’s gospels

on love

the sun and the moon

which saw Buddha walking

mindfully in the deer park

at Sarnath

are the same sun and moon

we see daily

why do we think we can’t meet Buddha?

why do we think we can’t feel the warmth of Christ?

we can do so — daily!

through our brother sun and sister moon

as we look into the sun

we see the history of humanity:

lives of noble people who walked on the planet

and as we look into the moon

we see the way they’ve comforted the mother earth

we can meet all of them

through the sun and the moon

from the temple of this earth ~

sun and moon —

are there any better

gods than them?

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