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Selected Publications 

(Interdisciplinary collection from 10+ fields of inquiry, with contributions from Noam Chomsky, Sir Roger Penrose, Sir Martin Rees, Daniel Dennett, A. C. Grayling, Nicholas Humphrey, Gregory Chaitin, Gerard 't Hooft, Ian Stewart, Barry Mazur, Stephen Wolfram, Paul Davies, Tyler Burge, Doron Swade, Julian Barbour, Newton Da Costa, Francisco Antonio Doria, Reuben Hersh, Nicholas Maxwell and many others.)

Forthcoming books 

  • Immunity — an interdisciplinary perspective.

  • The Paraconsistency reader.

  • From Sartre to Schrodinger: Existential viewpoints within Modern Physics.

  • Whither Objects? Scientific Saga and Raison d'etre.

  • Gautama, the Buddha: Scientist-Philosopher.

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