"Grammata sola carent fato,

Mortemque repellunt,

Preterita Renovant grammata sola biblis",

"The written word alone flouts destiny, 

Revives the past and gives the lie to Death".

—Herbanus Maurus.

Selected Publications 

  • (With Giancarlo Ghirardi) Space, Time and Limits of Human Understanding. Foreword by John Stachel, Afterword by Noam Chomsky, Springer — The frontiers Collection, 2017. (Contributors include Gerard 't Hooft, Julian Barbour, Nicholas Maxwell, Doron Swade, Jonathan Borwein, Reuben Hersh among various others.) 


  • (With Ian Stewart) From Electrons to Elephants and Elections: Saga of Content and Context, foreword by Nicholas Rescher, Springer — The Frontiers Collection, 2021.

  • (With A. C. Grayling) Metaphors and Analogies in Sciences and Humanities: Words and Worlds, Springer — Synthese Library Publications, 2021. 

  • The Paraconsistency reader, Springer Publications, 2021. 

  • From Sartre to Schrodinger: Existential viewpoints within Modern Physics, Springer Publications, 2022. 

  • Whither Objects? Scientific Saga and Raison d'etre, Springer Publications, 2022. 

  • Gautama, the Buddha: Scientist-Philosopher, Springer Publications, 2022.